Flour became more expensive in the country.

Due to the recent rains and floods in the country, problems started to increase, when the price of wheat increased in the open market, the mill owners also increased the prices of flour.

The price of flour in the country has reached 130 rupees per kg. Flour in Karachi is the most expensive in the country. The price of one kg is 125 to 130 rupees.

In Lahore, flour is available for Rs 110 to Rs 116 per kg. In Islamabad milled flour started selling for Rs 125.

In Quetta, the price of flour has increased to Rs.120 per kg. In Gujranwala, milled flour is being sold at Rs.130 per kg.

The mill owners say that due to shortage in the grain markets, the price of wheat has increased from Rs 2,850 to Rs 3,800 per maund.

The price of twenty kilos of flour has also increased in the open market. The price of a bag of twenty kilos of flour provided by the government in Lahore is nine hundred and eighty rupees, which is not available in many places in the market.


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