Details of amendments in Islamabad Criminal Code have come to light.

According to the proposed amendment, psychiatrists will be included in the medical board for examination of the accused. Graduation degree will be made compulsory for SHOs. Bank accounts will be blocked.

The proposed amendment states that carrying weapons in rallies will not be allowed. Audio and video recordings of statements made under section 161 will also be made. If the prosecutor is not satisfied with the investigation, he may ask for further or re-investigation.

According to the proposed amendment, trial of criminal cases will be held in 9 months. The High Court will have to submit progress report every month. Sessions Court will be able to impose fine of up to Rs. If the explanation of the trial court is acceptable, more time will be given.
Audio-video recordings of witness statements will be made in the trial court. If the witness disagrees with the transcript of the statement, the recording will be used.

The proposed amendment states that if witnesses do not appear in court, they will be able to record a statement on video link. Overseas witnesses will also be able to record a statement in the presence of a competent officer. The trial court will have to give reasons for delaying more than one day.

Criminal reforms suggest abolishing the death penalty in drug cases. Instead of the death penalty, the offender will be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The proposed amendment also proposes to abolish the death penalty in the Railway Act. It is also proposed to impose a penalty of up to seven years on illegal police custody. It is also proposed to criminalize espionage and stalking, walking on coal and throwing someone into the water.

Audio videos and emails will also be considered admissible evidence. If the video is proven to be correct, the maker will not need to appear in court.