A promising figure, the late Tariq Aziz.

Muhammad Mohsin
Legend Late Tariq Aziz

Lahore is the beginning with the blessed name of the glorious Lord who knows the secrets of the heart, sees, hears, listens to the ears, salutes Tariq Aziz. These words are still fresh in the minds of our young generation. Miss
84 years later, on June 17, 2020, the shining star passed away at the Divine Judgment.

Launched in 1975, Pakistan Television’s first popular program, Auction House, was later named Tariq Aziz Show and Bazm Tariq Aziz. This is just one aspect of the late Tariq Aziz’s personality as he was the host of the show. Voiced actors, politicians, publishers and even poets have shown the high essence of their talent in every art.

Was born in tariq aziz on April 28, 1936 in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, under the British Crown. His father, Mian Abdul Aziz, was one of the passionate activists of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Pakistan (PTI) and had started using his name as Pakistani since 1937.

Formation with of Pakistan, Tariq Aziz migrated with his parents to Sahiwal and received his early education there.

1950 tariq aziz began his professional life with Radio Pakistan Lahore, where he gained considerable experience reading news on the radio.
From the same radio experience, Mr. Tariq Aziz became accustomed to his personality until his death.

Pak Television was launched in 1964, Tariq Aziz was one of the founders of the channel, where he became the first male announcer of PTV. However, the auction house, which started in 1975, not only raised their profile but also perpetuated it so that the auction house and Tariq Aziz became known to each other. Although the history of the program spans nearly forty years, The year was also closed.

The pakistan Television, there was no facility to record programs. The during same period, the late Tariq Aziz not only worked as an actor and compere in several PTV programs, but also directed some live dramas.

Speaking of films, the late Tariq Aziz also showed the essence of acting in films.
The first film was Insanity which was released in 1967. His second most memorable film was Birthday 1969. My Life is My Song is My Life Anthem. And where did the luck come from? Because of the timeless film songs that made him famous, in this film, late Tariq Aziz played the role of a judge with great beauty.

Surprisingly, former President Asif Ali Zardari also played the childhood role of a hero (Waheed Murad) as a child actor in this film.

Apart from birthdays, the credit for the standard films like Katari Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan Hain Insaan etc. goes to the late Tariq.

Let us increase the knowledge of today’s young generation that during his long stay in Karachi in the 1980s, Mr. Tariq Aziz also wrote two magazines, Fifteenth Century and Children’s Magazine, which became very successful. Was very familiar with.

This was the time when PTV Karachi used to have an auction house which was shot in a hall in Rangoon. Famous of this program in Karachi was so high that it was very difficult to get passes.

In each issue of the children’s magazine, an exclusive interview with a child was performed and a picture of the child was published on the cover.

During his stay in Karachi, the late Tariq Aziz got married but could not have children.

He has received numerous awards for his outstanding services, including the Presidential Medal of Excellence in 1992 by the Government of Pakistan.

He moved to Lahore again in the 1990s and remained in Lahore till his death.
The late Tariq Aziz was a struggling political thinker. In 1969, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was greatly influenced by the PPP’s slogan of bread, cloth and house.
Then in 1989, when Benazir Bhutto became the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the first time, Tariq Aziz changed his mind and went in favor of the PML-N.

Taking political proximity to the deposed Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N, the late Tariq Aziz contested the National Assembly elections from Lahore on a PML-N ticket in 1997 and defeated his rival Imran Khan Niazi.
A few months later, the reputation of the late Tariq Aziz was tarnished when the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was attacked by a mob entering the premises of the Supreme Court in Islamabad. TV footage did.

Immediately after this incident, Tariq Aziz withdrew from politics.

He has been very active on Twitter for the last few years and his Twitter handle was ariTariqAzizPTV.
Just a day before his death, he wrote in his last tweet from the hospital, “Time seems to have stopped. Life has come to a standstill. Am don’t know when the old times will return. There is no hope yet.

Following in the footsteps of his father, this great son of the beloved homeland showed his love and loyalty to this country.
He had no children. Before his death, he dedicated all his property to his beloved homeland of Pakistan.
Late Tariq Aziz before the burial, his property amounting to Rs 44.1 million was deposited in the national treasury.
In fact, our real heroes are people like “Aziz Pakistani” and “Tariq Aziz” who not only plunder the national treasury but also sacrifice their hard earned money for their country.
May God bless Tariq Aziz Sahib with millions of heavens. Amen