The Prime Minister does not respect beggars and borrowers.

PM Imran khan in Ajk Election Campaign

According to the details, Imran Khan criticized Nawaz Sharif and said that the leader of the party you are voting for is true and honest. He said that he would not call any judge and ask him to give three or five years sentence. The courts here are free. Our ministers are also in jail. If we controlled the NAB, we would not put our ministers in jail.

The Prime Minister said that Imran Khan does not control the Supreme Court and Lahore High Court. When the courts are independent, why have they fled the country?

He said that we are waging jihad against tyranny and old system. I will defeat the mafia with the power of the people and create a new Pakistan. The captain knows how to compete. In the coming days we will see occupied Kashmir free.

The Prime Minister further said that the opponents of Quaid-e-Azam also respected him. We have to become a great nation, we have to change ourselves and we have to change the country as well. We have to speak the truth.