Cornbread and mustard greens are extremely useful in many diseases

With the onset of winter across the country, mustard greens and corn kilns have started appearing everywhere and all over the country, families belonging to villages in one way or another are now living in cities. Their tongues are also forced to crave the taste of mustard greens and cornbread.
This seemingly traditional food is on the one hand unparalleled in terms of pleasure, but now according to modern research, this food also has a lot of medical properties due to eating together and if this food is considered as an excellent tonic, then they Would not be wrong

Benefits of cornbread

Maize, which is harvested from the onset of winter, comes in a variety of colors, sometimes consisting of yellow kiln grains, sometimes white, but its benefits are common everywhere, but its flavor I may be the difference. It is a gluten-free food so it is an excellent food for people who have difficulty digesting wheat.

It contains chemicals called lutein and zeaxanthin which are good for eyesight and prevent pearls from forming. It contains a large amount of fiber which improves digestion on the one hand and on the other hand. Helps prevent heart attacks by lowering cholesterol. Mustard greens grow in the cold season and have many health benefits as well as flavors.
It is a diet rich in nitrates and magnesium which is very useful for patients with high blood pressure. It lowers blood pressure and cleanses the blood vessels. It contains large amounts of vitamins A and C which It acts as an antioxidant and removes toxins from the body to brighten the skin. It improves liver function which increases the amount of insulin in the blood and its use in diabetes. Very useful for patients with
Green leafy vegetables improve brain development and thereby improve memory
Eating mustard greens and corn bread together can bring all the benefits at the same time, which is why this food is considered to be the best tonic for health.