Google Lens can copy and paste handwritten text to a computer

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Web Desk: Google has introduced a very useful feature in which you can now copy and paste handwritten notes to a computer with the help of Google Lens.
According to the technology website, Google has added a very useful feature to its recognizable tool, Google Lens. You can now copy and paste your handwritten note from your phone to your computer with the lens, although it only works when your writing is clear.

Handwritten text can be copied and pasted on a computer via a mobile phone lens, but you must have a newer version of Google Chrome on your computer to use this feature. Similarly, Android mobile phones should have Google Lens app. You will also need to be logged in to the same Google Account to use the new feature.

This feature is very easy to use, view the text written on a page with the eye of a mobile camera and when the option comes up highlight the relevant line and copy it then go to the computer’s document folder and select the edit option. Paste there.
Google is also adding a feature that allows users to hear the spelling of difficult words in their text. There is also the option to search for well-known idioms while writing. The use of Google Lens is a great addition to Google’s products. By the way, it is important for all users, but students and researchers can benefit the most from this feature.