Unlike the coronation situation in the United States, President Trump has called on the military.

WASHINGTON: President Trump called for military help to overcome the situation, with a sharp rise in killings in the United States.

According to details, 1048 people have been killed by the Corona virus in the US in 24 hours, while the total death toll has risen to 8452. In New York alone, the death toll exceeds China, where the outbreak spreads all over the world. In New York alone, the death toll has risen to 3565. US President Trump has called in the military to deal with the situation.

President Trump has once again warned of a worsening situation in Corona. Thousands are sending medical staff to New York. The governors are doing politics on the issue of ventilators. Maybe we should give special permission to train people on Easter Sunday. Careful steps will be taken to get out.

Trump also got annoyed over the leaked letter from Captain Cruiser of the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt. President Trump said that the captain of the US Navy did a terrific job. I was 100 percent satisfied with the Navy’s decision to dismiss the captain. The Navy made the right decision. The captain wrote a five-page letter that went viral. This is not appropriate. President Trump says that we have the best ship in the world, thousands of us are on the ship, only 120 people are affected. Also criticized.