Superpower America also succumbed to coronavirus

Washington: Superpower America also succumbs to coronavirus; the number of Corona victims exceeds 100,000 by 100,000, while the death toll is over 1701.
According to details, the number of coronavirus patients in the United States is steadily increasing, now the number of affected people has exceeded 1 lakh 4 thousand. The buses are being hit by the Corona Virus, a subsidiary of Mirrorington DC.

On the other hand, the US president turned his back on approving a $ 2 trillion aid package to support the economy and tackle Corona. He ordered not to work with the governors who rejected Corona’s measures. He said that the media and governors should be applauded for their actions.

Under the aid package, $ 500 billion will be distributed among the most affected industrial sectors, while $ 3,000 per person will be distributed to millions of families across the United States. In addition, $ 350 billion in loans to small businesses, $ 250 billion to help the unemployed, and $ 100 billion to health care, including hospital.

In addition, the number of unemployment allowance applications in the United States increased. According to US media, in a week more than 32 million workers applied for unemployment benefits. Unemployment welfare systems are under severe pressure in major US cities. The number of recent unemployment allowance applications in the United States is five times higher than the previous record.