No need to be alarmed by the Corona virus: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that caution is needed not to get infected with corona virus, I will address the nation very soon, follow the directions issued by the government.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has sent a message in the name of the nation in fear of the Corona virus. In his message to the social networking site Twitter, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that I was monitoring the Corona virus measures, fully aware of the risks of Corona virus, ensuring the necessary protocols for public safety and health. Is.

He further said that the World Health Organization appreciated our efforts, the World Health Organization declared our actions to be the best in the world, caution is needed not to be exposed to corona virus, I will address the nation very soon Follow the instructions provided.
It should be noted that the Corona virus, which originated from China, has now been declared a global outbreak. More than 125,000 people have been infected with the Corona virus, while the number of deaths worldwide has exceeded 5,000.
Symptoms of Corona Virus
Various symptoms including cough, sore throat, runny nose and fever can cause corona virus. While mild symptoms include common cold, in the case of pneumonia, it can take serious form. The virus is usually transmitted to the other person through direct contact with the affected person. Experts say that it takes about 14 days for the symptoms to appear, so only minor symptoms should be referred to a doctor.

According to the World Health Organization, if an individual has symptoms of respiratory problems, cough, sneezing, cold, etc., avoid close contact. Scientists believe that the virus has transmitted from animals to humans. Experts advise that the meat and eggs should be well cooked. Also, people have been instructed to abstain from animal markets and raw meat. Accordingly, everyone should wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Be aware that the vaccine for the Corona virus is not yet available in New York, so the only solution to preventing the virus is timely precautions.