The possibility of a sharp rise in electricity prices

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s promise has come true. Electricity prices have been suggested to increase by Rs 3 to 50 paise.
The government’s bid to provide affordable electricity to the people has remained unchanged. ۔

According to the summary, it is recommended to increase Rs. 1 paisa per unit for December 2019 whereas for January 1 it is recommended to increase Rs. 48 paise per unit. Has gone. NEPRA will hear the CPPA’s requests on March 25.

In summary, fuel prices in the world market were low, but the government produced the most expensive electricity and despite the ban, expensive electricity was produced on furnace oil. In December 2019, the cost of 7 billion units of electricity was Rs 47 billion 35 crores, while in December, furnace oil produced electricity of 13 rupees 57 paise per unit, LNG generating power of 11 billion rupees 9 paise at 88 paise per unit. Done.

In summary, the electricity cost of 7 billion units in the month of January was Rs 53 billion. In January 2020, furnace oil generated 13 rupees 77 paise per unit of electricity, 80 million units of electricity from furnace was generated at Rs 11 billion.

Let us be clear that Prime Minister Imran Khan was speaking at a function on expensive electricity and said that the price at which we have electricity is very expensive. We cannot sell electricity at that price. When our government comes, the country is stuck in debt. It was forced to raise prices, we increase the price so people are burdened, so we did not raise the price for the lower class, but we put the burden on the moneylenders but now the electricity prices will not rise.