Pm imran khan said in a twisted way that flour will not spare the perpetrators of the chinese crisis

Pm imran khan No matter how powerful the crisis is, frustration is a disbelief The good times will come soon.

According to the details, PTI social media members met with Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Prime Minister said that watching the mobiles Dreifache Penetration pornos in the morning, that crises will have to be made successful.

According to sources, the prime minister said that false news is spread deliberately against the government, social media should be criticized, but before attacking the government, confirm that the news is true or false.

Imran Khan said, “I am ready for crises all the time. Often our own people come to the propaganda of the media fax news. Investigation report on the flour sugar crisis will be made public. Don’t be

He further said that disappointment is unbelief. Good times will come soon.

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Yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had briefed close associates to expedite the investigation report on wheat, flour and sugar crisis and said that no one involved in the crisis would receive an apology.

The Prime Minister said that the wheat faced criticism due to the Chinese crisis, not only will the report be brought to the fore but also the responsible people will be taken to the role of disbelief. Can’t allow.