Lahore: Stormy rain, winds, weather conditions are dangerous in Islamabad

LAHORE: Strong winds and torrential rains across Punjab united the city, while weather conditions from Lahore to Islamabad have been declared dangerous.
Thunderstorms and strong winds continue to prevail across Punjab, including Lahore. Shorekot, Zafarwal, Manchanabad, Shikargarh, Tandwala and Okara have received cold weather while Rahim Yar Khan, Dadu, Pakpattan, Harunabad, Sihon, Kashmore. The rain and thundershowers have stopped the cold steps. Apart from this, Khushab, Raina Khurd, Nowshera Kahavan, Jalalpur Perawala, Nankana Sahib, Alla Yar, Bahawalpur, Sheikhupura, Lodhran, Hafizabad, Safdarbad, Faisalabad, Shuja Abad, Kamkar, Wazirabad, Chichawatni, Pasrur, Gujarat, Kolar Rain in Kohar and Vehari has merged with the fire.

Due to the rains, several flights to Allama Iqbal International Airport have been diverted. Flights PA-404 and ER-524 from Karachi to Lahore have been taken off to Islamabad, while flight SV-738 from Jeddah to Lahore is also on the way. Islamabad has been diverted, PK-307 from Lahore to Karachi has been blocked from flight, while flight E-244 from Lahore to Abu Dhabi has been stopped. In addition, flight OD-131 from Kuala Lumpur to Lahore was sent to Islamabad due to difficulties in landing.
A weather alert has been issued to the airport administration by the Meteorological Department.

And Aviation issued a warning to all the airlines administration, which predicted stormy rains around the airport and declared the weather conditions dangerous from Lahore to Islamabad. According to the alert, the weather between Borewala to Lahore will remain bad until 12pm, and due to inclement weather, the power supply is also likely to be suspended. Alert directs all flights departing from Lahore to take alternate routes. Has been done

Secondly, due to torrential rains in Lahore, 150 LESCO feeders have been tripped, and power supply has been shut down in several areas where feeders have been closed, which has caused serious problems to the citizens.