Providing roof to the low-paid category is a priority: PM

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan says the provision of roof to the low-paid category is a priority, providing unpaid loans for the construction of low-cost homes is the best pro gram.
Dr. Amjad on organizing the brotherhood program. Appreciate the opportunity to build, low cost housing plans are for the poorer, it will be easier to build a home for the salaried class, providing free loan for the low income class is a great pro, Providing a roof to the low-paid category is a priority, in Pakistan the bank houses finance the lowest.

He said that if the Shaukat Khanum was planned to be built in the hospital, it was said that Rs 70 crore would be made. If the trust of the people is restored then there will be no shortage of money. With the trust of the people.
He said that it is the responsibility of the government to raise the weaker sections, the government’s job is to help those who are left behind in the race for life. It is the government’s priority to raise the weaker sections, the raising of the lower classes was the model of the state of Madinah, the task of the state is to help the marginalized.
He further said that 5 lakh health cards have been given in Punjab. Blue area project has been launched in Islamabad. The money coming from the project will be spent on poor settlements, 2020 is a year of jobs and development for the people. , We will make the poor people a home.