Government decides to appoint Khalid Javed as Attorney General

Islamabad: The federal government has decided to appoint Khalid Javed as Attorney General, notification of his deployment will be issued soon.
According to the details, the federal government has decided to appoint Barrister Khalid Javed as Attorney General, Khalid Javid has agreed to take over the responsibility of Attorney General. Notification of Khalid Javed’s appointment as Attorney General continues soon. It may be recalled that Khalid Javed has been Attorney General before, however, he was removed and appointed Anwar Mansoor as Attorney General.

It should be noted that today, Attorney General Anwar Mansoor has resigned. In his resignation sent to President Dr. Arif Alawi, he said that I am deeply regretting that the Pakistan Bar Council, of which I am the Chairman, has said. Issuing a press release on February 19, 2020, I demanded that I resign from the office of the Attorney General of Pakistan.

Later, the federal government dismissed the statement of Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan, Federal Secretary Law filed a reply in the Supreme Court by Shahzad Akbar and Frogh Naseem, stating that Anwar Mansoor Khan on February 18 was unnecessary. Giving oral statement, the federal government announces detachment on the Attorney General’s statement, adding that the federal government respects the judiciary very much, the government believes in the rule of law in the country.

Law Minister Prabhu Naseem has said that Anwar Mansoor was told that it would be better if he resigned; Anwar Mansoor’s behavior was inappropriate, so he resigned and now Anwar Mansoor will not work as the Attorney General. Accountability Shehzad Akbar said that the statement given by Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan in the Supreme Court two days ago was also a surprise to us. He said that the Attorney General had been asked by the government to step down. Had asked for his resignation.