Salt Water and Sweet Food Cooked in Pottery are an integral part of the human body

God created man from clay, but man hates clay
The soil is considered hazardous to itself. Man is suffering from a number of complex physical illnesses due to distance from the soil. To avoid these diseases, we need to understand the usefulness of soil.
Pottery is to be used. There is no second of its aromatic aroma in clay pots and cooking in clay pots adds to the taste of food. Food is always fresh and has many benefits and benefits

Nowadays, when cooking in silver brass steel and metal utensils, the dishes are delicious when cooked in these pots, but the disadvantages are great. And rotten foods are extremely harmful to our health.
While cooked meals in pottery are truly delightful healthy. Contains the natural components of soil that protect our body from many of the major ailments and give us both health and wellness.

2: cooking oil

For cooking, cooking must be done in oils that are not solid, for which people usually use different cooking oils that are made artificially – these oils and their harmful effects can affect the human heart. And lead to dangerous diseases like cancer. The best oil for cooking is olive oil The mention of olive is clearly mentioned in the Qur’an, but being a little expensive, the power of each person is far away from the purchase, so there are better alternatives to using mustard oil. It is free from any harmful effects and cleanses the grease in the blood vessels. And very useful for health.

3: Salt

Pakistan is considered one of the fortunate countries in the world where the Khyodhara salt mine is the world’s largest salt mine. Salt of salmon is a very expensive sale worldwide – but it is cheaper in our country, but we use strange salt in the name of refined salt – which is extremely harmful, except natural salt. Alternatively, the use of salt extracted from soil is more beneficial to health.

4: Water

Water is the most important part of human life which we have started to store in various types of bottles and plastic utensils to protect us from dust. Due to which the water is apparently clean but the side effects inside these bottles create a contamination in the water which is weakening our body’s immune system and causing it in various diseases.

5: Sweetness

Eating sweets after eating is Sunnah, and on the other hand, modern research has also shown that after eating sweets, the digestive tract of gastrointestinal can be corrected, which helps in digestion. But sweet food does not mean Chinese food. Excessive consumption of sugar is harmful because the sugar is made from artificial chemicals that are apparently sweet but overuse is harmful to health. Instead, use sweet fruit cheeses made from palm fritters and honey creams to enter our body and provide us with healthy ingredients that keep us healthy.