Live out of respect

muhammad mohsin

It is more important to live in honor than a lava brewing inside the league. They have no heir. If there is rigging in any constituency in Lahore, then this election will be resolved. Imran Khan says that of the 2014 election. The year is –

You want the entire KP drone to be killed in the attacks, the drone will increase so much that the national pride will be destroyed then we will be warned that if we cannot stop the drone attacks, then Islamabad and Lahore will also be targeted.

He has specifically told Asif Zardari that we will make Khurshid Shah the chairman of public accounts. This nation has made Nawaz Sharif prime minister three times. Nawaz Sharif Zardari and Ishaq Dar bring their money into the country so the country will come alive. The country will stand on its feet and the world will see the economy of the country will be four moons. The country will be among those who do not take Aid. People are devastated by poverty conditions and commit suicide by youth unemployment If the victim’s daughter, peace be forced to deal uabru honor and rape –

In such a way, Isaac Dar does not like talking about cashing in dollars. He also says that we will bring the dollar to the line of 1998. The talk of breaking up has only made Kakul open as soon as it occupies power. The PML-N government has done nothing in the past so what will we do now when will we have to live with the honor that we will continue to rule such rulers? We will continue to make spectacle why we do not choose sincere leadership, why do not we correct our qibla? Why not get out –