Exit Kashmiris for solidarity with Kashmir on February 5: PM

Exit Kashmiris for solidarity with Kashmir on February 5: PM
Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan says that out of the 8 million Kashmiris detained in Kashmir on February 5, leave their homes for solidarity, the racist Modi government has been oppressing Kashmiris for six months.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the nation for solidarity with non-oppressed Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir, he said in his Twitter message that 80 million imprisoned Kashmiris should leave for solidarity, expressing with Kashmiris February 5. Get out of the house for solidarity. 90 thousand soldiers of the racist Modi government have been oppressing Kashmiris for 6 months.

I want Pakistanis to come home and abroad on 5th Feb in support of the 8 million Kashmiris who have been besieged by 900k Indian soldiers for almost 6 months by the fascist racist Modi regime

It is pertinent to mention that the routine life is paralyzed even on the 173th day due to the inhuman lockdown and communication blockade imposed by India in Kashmir. Roads are denser, shops, businesses, educational centers are closed in the valley and people are left homeless. The occupied Indian army has made the lives of Kashmiris indigent and more than one million people are imprisoned in the world’s largest prison. The so-called search operation and roundabout continues in the valley.
There is also food shortage in the Valley, India has warmed the oppression of oppressed Kashmiris and locked the political leadership of the Valley, including thousands of Kashmiris, in jail. Mobile phone, internet service in the Valley closed And TV broadcasts are still suspended.
It is to be remembered that on August 5, the Modi government abolished Article 370A of the Indian Constitution giving special status to Kashmir and imposed a curfew in the occupied valley and India banned the movement of Kashmiris.