👕 Why is salt added to the machine while washing clothes?

low-angle photography of hanging clothes outside house during daytime

Some information related to the washing machine that will make the difficulty of every woman and washerwoman easier. 👕

In every house, women must install a washing machine once a week, in which the clothes of the whole week are collected and washed together, which is the reason that the use of surf in the clothes is also minimal and the clothes also take less time and Wash with less effort.

A great tip for women to reduce the use of surf by washing more clothes at once is to wash clothes with salt in the machine. From which the dust and dirt stuck in the clothes come out quickly and their color does not get damaged.

This is the best way to wash expensive clothes because it does not spoil the color and also increases the shine of cotton clothes.

By putting salt in the machine, you will not have to rub the collar of the shirts by hand because it has the ability to go into the inner layer of the clothes and take out the stubborn stains.

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