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Zainab was guilty of the crime

Muhammad mohsin

The main reason for the increasing sexual abuse trend in Pakistan is to watch dirty Indian films and then to show the Iranian in our morning shows today the lack of education is the growing unemployment and then the incumbent government. Protecting criminals is involved.

Sadly today, we are lacking in humanity. Humans are human’s worst enemy. The brutal brute seeks the innocence of the innocent Zainab. What was the fault of the younger Zainab in the crime? The whole nation’s head is shamed. It is a matter of shame that the perpetrator of Zainab is not a non-Muslim or a foreigner.

Humans are trapping humanity. In our society, as human beings are full of beasts, Zainab’s parents sitting in the harem were praying for Zainab’s life security and happiness. And here the wild beast was cutting the strings of little Zainab’s breath. These killings are not Zainab’s killing of entire society.

In Punjab, there have been eleven incidents with the daughters of Eve in one year. The daughters of Eve have been stripped of their lives and their lives taken away. The lives of Eve’s daughters are no longer safe. Even before Zaynab, the daughters of Eve have gone to death, robbing them of honor. Two weeks after Zainab’s murder, Eve’s daughters’ killer has been arrested by law. So the question now becomes whether Zainab and the other girl’s killer will be able to reach their logical end?

What’s more, what will be the resurrection that Zainab’s killer lived in Zenab’s neighborhood? Walking among them. And the murderer is also a relative of Zainab’s era. What to say when your own blood turns black. And above all, the killer has to take care of someone else. Due to which the killer has trapped eight innocent innocent buds including Zainab. Remember that staying silent on oppression is also oppression.

Eve’s daughters, who survived the abuse, are still waiting for justice. Insanity is a place of drowning. Humanity is declining in the crowds of humans. Life is thriving. When is justice eliminated? How can one get justice if the oppressed have not already received justice? There have been serious incidents of abuse before, but why not take action against the offender earlier? This is a question mark: The government does not care about their own interests except respect for their own interests. The current rulers spend the fourth turn struggling to complete the term.
Press conferences are being held on the media. There will be claims to provide justice for Zainab’s killers.

Police are the protector of the people. Sadly, they have become rulers’ slaves. They protect the rulers rather than protect the lives and property of the people.

The rulers do not even need protection. The oppression is always on the poor and the oppressed. Are not on the elite. If the oppressed are protesting against the oppression of themselves. Soon, the police shoot at the protesters. Two protesters also lost their lives in the firing of Kasur police on protesters protesting the killing of Zainab.

The real killers will be free from the grip of the law. And even if they are caught. So they escape punishment. There are clear examples of this. Shazib’s killer, Sharukh Jatoi, killed two innocent brothers of Sialkot under the influence inside the locality. To this day, their killers are stinging.

There will be normal news on the media. Talk shows will have comments. The people of Qalam also expressed their grief in their writings, and all of them will be quietly consumed in their lives. Zainab’s story will gradually become a story of the past … Zainab’s parents will continue to suffer. In the hope of when the killer reaches the logical end. After the arrest of the killer, the investigation is now underway. The investigation will result in new discoveries. This system will continue to operate as such. Under this shadow of lawlessness we will be waiting for the greatest tragedy. Similarly, innocent children will be abused one after another. The oppressed will become weaker. The oppressors will become more powerful. The criminals will be backed up. There will be an end to the beast.

In a society where there is no legality, such incidents will continue to be the norm. Society is made up of nations. We as a nation protest. But changing society does not try to eliminate this evil system. At every tragic event, we express our anger on the social media on the streets. And then they also go on and on. But don’t try to change yourself. We raise our voices against oppression. But do not end the oppression. Until the end of oppression. Unless we take a stand against oppression.

How long will we continue to be the spectators of these puppets? How long will we continue to see innocent children being abused with our own eyes? How long will we continue to hold funerals for the little ones? How long will we hear the news of the rulers taking action? How long will we be convinced of their false statements? The behavior of the rulers and the police created by them has never changed. And they will not change now. Needs are something we have to change ourselves. This system has to change. This inherited hereditary system has to be eliminated. We have to choose the right democratic system of justice.

The memory of the nation is so few to see that in a few days after forgetting the tragic tragedy of the Zainab will be engrossed in their lives. Each year the candles will be lit to light the candles.
Sometimes faith dies
Zenb hangs somewhere.
Why in my country?
That is how Eve died.
Why is the Son of Man made here?
His eyes do not bow.
Nor does his lust die.
It’s the lust of lust and sex
Why such a cruelty?
Nor does his heart ache.
Nor is such a God remembered.
I have a cry on my lips.
My soul is tired Maula
Wherever I look
There is a smell of blood everywhere.

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