With the advent of technology, social media has become so important that every second person has resorted to social networking platforms to connect with their loved ones.

Woman excited about getting attention on social media

When it comes to social networking sites or applications, Facebook tops the list. The platform, which was launched 13 years ago, now has millions of users who interact with business friends and relatives.

Facebook also introduces new features every day to impress its users. The company has a number of terms of use, one of which is to add friends.

Facebook allows each user to add at least 5,000 friends or accounts on one ID. If anyone wants to connect with more people, they can create their own page or group.

The big problem here is that users on Facebook don’t know who has removed them from their friends list. Now an expert has found a solution to this problem and explained how users can now find out who removed them from their friend list.
A video was also shared on the internet in this regard in which you can find out for yourself by watching the whole process. When users log in to Who Delete me for the first time, friends’ details will be saved there.
When you re-open the ID and go to this plugin, you will see the names of your friends and the names of your recently added friends.

If you use Facebook on your computer, the plugin is available for free on the Google Chrome and Firefox stores under the name Who Delete Me. Can load.


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