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Why don’t we make these serious mistakes after eating somewhere?

Immediately after eating a meal often requires drinking water or tea. Some people go to sleep but do you know how dangerous all these habits are to health?

Experts say that for good health it is important to abandon these habits as described immediately after eating.

Use of fruits after meals

Fruit use is good for our health, but if you want to get full fruit nutrition, it is important that we eat it at the right time as the use of fruits immediately after eating affects the digestive system. As well as it spoils the taste of the language.

Bed and bath immediately after eating

Lying immediately after eating does not digest food properly, causing stomach pain and gastrointestinal problems. Likewise, experts recommend that you refrain from bathing immediately after eating.


Smoking and smoking are harmful to health, but even so, some people are addicted to smoking immediately after eating. According to research, smoking a cigarette after eating causes about 10 cigarettes.

Empty stomachs make important decisions cause harm: research
Chips, popcorn and hot tea also cause cancer
Cigarettes and smoking are harmful to the gastrointestinal tract and cause intestinal disturbances, medical experts say. In addition, it is prone to (IBS) and bowel infections.

Relaxing belt after meals

If you have to loose the belt after eating it, it means that you have eaten too much food which is harmful. According to research, mild gastrointestinal stress can affect the stomach and digestive tract.

Drinking water after meals

The more you drink water, the better it is for your health, but drinking water immediately after eating can also harm your health.

Drinking water immediately after meals reduces the amount of gastric juice and enzymes in your body, which further increases the acidity. Likewise, the consumption of coffee and tea immediately after meals makes it difficult to digest iron.

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