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When does using a mobile phone increase the risk of death?

London: A number of studies have examined the impact of mobile health and its associated diseases, though nowadays experts have released results that report increased mortality due to mobile.

Research in the United Kingdom revealed that millions of people were killed in traffic accidents worldwide as a result of the use of smartphones while crossing the street.

According to a report published in the British magazine ‘Angry Prevention’, crossing the busy mobile road kills more than 200,000 people every year.

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Research shows that the use of mobile when crossing a road cuts off the road and then the user does not look to the right and remain engrossed in his or her fun.

Research says messaging is more dangerous when crossing the street than listening to music, or talking over the phone, experts say, ‘because of the use of smartphones or other digital devices on the road. Withdrawal of attention has now become a safety issue. ‘

Experts say: ‘Listening to social media, mobile apps, videos and music on mobile phones has become a part of our lives but we have to inform people so that they can be safe from any tragedy in the future.


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