Water chest nut power treasure

Water chestnut is a fruit that grows underwater in the mud and is often produced in winter and is easily sold at bargains on the market. And the conical shape is strongly pointed and black in appearance, but very few people are aware of the treasures of the innumerable physical nervous and sexual forces hidden within this hard-nosed fruit.
Water Chest Nut contains carbohydrates protein Vitamin B Potassium and Cooper Wafers and has a unique taste.
Eating boiled water chestnuts increases appetite and relieves fatigue and improves blood flow to the body.

Water chestnut knit wrap relieves cough and relieves constipation while is effective for gastric and intestinal injuries.
Regular use of water chest nut enhances memory and increases brain power.In addition, the water chest nut is no less a blessing for men and women suffering from invisible diseases because its regular use is extremely useful for the menstrual system of weak men and women. Mixing water or breast milk with water chests helps relax the stomach.
And with the use of its scrub, the teeth stay strong, shiny and gums healthy.Men and women who suffer from menstrual weakness will eat a few grains of water chestnut daily and put a teaspoon of water chestnut nut in half a cup of warm milk at bedtime, and drink it to sleep.
Water chestnut nut can be boiled or powdered it is useful for human health in any case.

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