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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Incumbent President Donald Trump has insisted that Biden be given more votes.

According to the details, in one of his tweets, President Trump seems stubborn that he is not the loser in the election but Joe Biden has been rigged.

He wrote in a tweet that Biden could not get 80 million votes under any circumstances. The current election was 100% rigged.
Meanwhile, the management of the social networking site Twitter has called the claims controversial in President Trump’s tweet.

On the other hand, Chinese President Xi Jinping has congratulated Biden on winning the election. He said in a statement that he hopes for better Sino-US relations.
Remember that Donald Trump was constantly criticizing China
He has repeatedly blamed China, especially for the Karuna epidemic, which has soured relations between the two countries.

There is evidence of victory, only Trump needs a good judge

Joe Biden has not yet been congratulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. US media say that Biden is the only presidential candidate for Putin so far.

During a public hearing in Pennsylvania yesterday, Trump said on the phone that “we have enough evidence to win the election and now we just need a good judge to hear the arguments.”

It should be noted that the swearing-in ceremony will be held on January 20 in the United States.

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