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Washington: Newly elected US President Joe Biden addressed his nation for the first time since taking oath.

In his inaugural address, Biden said, Today is the day for the United States and democracy. We face many challenges that we must face together.

Key points of the speech

The Capitol Hill attack shook the foundations of democracy

Democracy rose to victory

I believe in the power of the US Constitution

Together we must fight hatred, bigotry, racism and extremism

History will unite America by faith and argument

Corona caused as many deaths as there was in the war

The Corona affected the economy and increased unemployment

We will once again make America the greatest power of good in the world

We have to unite. I respect the opposition. That is democracy

I invite those who disagree to talk

Disputes can be resolved without fighting and war

He said that democracy is invaluable and democracy is fragile but even today democracy is proud. We will work to restore the foundations of democracy and unity. I appreciate the valuable services of the first two presidents of my party. Today we are not a candidate but our office. Al-Ain’s victory is being celebrated because today democracy and democratic process has won, not personalities.

The story of America depends on all of us, not just one. Today is the day to reunite the whole of America because it is a land of great people and we have great ties, Biden said.

I believe in the power of the US Constitution. Together we must fight hatred, bigotry, racism and extremism. With history, faith and argument, we will unite the United States once again, Biden said.

Today is the day when we must become the United States. We must not turn differences into war. He said that there were more deaths due to Corona than there were in wars. The economy was affected due to Covaid and unemployment increased. Only by uniting can we fight terrorism and epidemics like Corona.

My soul is attached to the cause of national unity. We can once again make America a frontline power. We will once again make America the greatest power of good in the world. Being one is the way forward for all of us. I am the President of the United States. I will not discriminate. Those who disagree are also respected because that is democracy.

We can all unite and make peace once again. Racial discrimination will not resurface. We must respect and hold each other’s hand. The United States has always emerged victorious in difficult situations, he said. They are against me. I invite them to talk. Let’s talk and find a solution. I know the forces that divide us are strong. We can resolve differences without fighting and violence.


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