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Warehouse sale, proceedings against storage

Melsey: Protests against the warehouses are underway, a sugar storage warehouse in Punjab has been sealed.

According to ARY News, the Assistant Commissioner took action against the hoarders at Colony Chowk in the city of Melissa, Punjab, during which 1,000 sacks of sugar and 5,000 ghee boxes were seized.

The Assistant Commissioner sealed Gwadam while the search for the owner is ongoing.

On the other hand, ARY News’ mission is also under way to expose the stockpiles, which were stored 15,000 sacks of sugar from Balochistan’s city hub yesterday.

Exports stored, 15,000 sacks of sugar recovered

Anchor Iqbal-ul-Hassan and team-mate took the big action with Assistant Commissioner Rohan Kakar and recovered 15,000 sacks of sugar stored at the Warehouse ASL in the Hub.

It is to be noted that the operation has been intensified against the assailants and the assailants on the directives of the Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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