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US invasion of Iraq

It was the morning of 1991, when thousands of Iraqi army tanks and civilian vehicles were retreating to flee Iraq.
It was the culmination of a 90-hour golf course where the Iraqi army had been badly defeated in battles with the armies of 36 of the world’s most powerful nations.
Had surrendered to the US military, but here, US President George W. Bush, in a show of extreme brutality, ordered the US Air Force to militarize the convoy.
The U.S. Air Force first stopped the convoy in front of the convoy, then launched a merciless bombardment.
Most of the soldiers and civilians in the convoy were killed, and about two and a half thousand vehicles and tanks were destroyed.
The bodies of about 10,000 soldiers and civilians were scattered over a range of several hundred meters, which were collected by international volunteers for several days. This highway is now called the killer highway.
The Iraqi people were incited against Gaddafi by calling him a dictator and the Iraqi army a usurper, but history has shown that the US military proved to be the worst for the Iraqi people.
Read carefully what happened to the people in Iraq and tell your children what the consequences of going against your army are.
The United States invaded Afghanistan after Iraq. Meanwhile, a comment was going on all over the world that now it is the turn of Afghanistan and Iran and after Iran it is the turn of Pakistan but after Afghanistan the United States destroyed Libya at that time.
President General Pervez Musharraf had said that now it will not be anyone’s turn. After that, the war between Hezbollah and Israel started and the United States laid its hands on the Middle East. After the war in Afghanistan, at the behest of the enemy forces, bloody terrorism started in Pakistan in which the soldiers and the people of our security forces sacrificed their lives forever and thwarted the intentions of the enemies.

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