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Unofficial results of Gilgit-Baltistan elections announced

Gilgit-Baltistan: Unconfirmed unofficial results of all 23 constituencies of Gilgit-Baltistan elections have been announced, according to which PTI won 9 seats while Independent candidate won 7 seats and PPP won 4 seats.
According to GNN, PTI overturned big towers in Gilgit-Baltistan elections, PTI has become the largest party by winning the most seats so far, according to officials, announced the unofficial results of all 23 constituencies of Gilgit-Baltistan elections. According to which PTI won 9 seats while Independent candidate won 7 seats and PPP won 4 seats. PML-N won 2 seats and Muttahida Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen won one seat.
GB 1 GB 1:
Amjad Hussain of PPP won from GB-1 Gilgit-1, Amjad Hussain won with 11178 votes while independent candidate Sultan Raees got 8356 votes.
GB 2 Gilgit 2:
PPP candidate Jamil Ahmed won from GB-2 Gilgit-2, Jamil Ahmed won with 8817 votes while Fatehullah Khan of PTI got 6607 votes.
GB 4 Nagar 1:
PPP candidate Ramjeed Hussain Advocate from GB4 Nagar 1 was successful, he got 4716 votes while independent candidate Nasir Mir got 4291 votes.
GB5 Nagar 2:
Independent candidate Javed Manwa from GB-5 Nagar 2 won with 2440 votes while independent candidate Zulfiqar Ali Murad came second with 2107 votes.
GB6 Hunza 1:
PTI candidate Obaidullah Baig from GB-6 Hunza-1 won with 5622 votes while independent candidate Noor Mohammad got 4584 votes.
GB7 Skardu 1:
From GB-7 Skardu 1, PPP was defeated by PTI. Former Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan Mehdi Shah lost the election. Syed Mehdi Shah got 4114 votes while Raja Zakaria of PTI won with 5290 votes.
GB8 Skardu 2:
Mohammad Kazim of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen won from GB-8 Skardu 2 with 7534 votes while Mohammad Ali Shah of PPP came second with 7146 votes.
GB9 Skardu 3:
Independent candidate from GB-9 Skardu-3 Wazir Mohammad Saleem won with 6233 votes while PTI candidate former Speaker Fada Mohammad Nishad got 5068 votes.
GB 10 Skardu 4:
Independent candidate Nasir Ali Khan from GB-10 Skardu 4 won with 4841 votes while PTI’s Wazir Hassan got 3100 votes.
GB 11 Khurramang 1:
From GB-11 Khurramang 1, PTI candidate Syed Majid Zaidi won with 8775 votes while independent candidate Syed Mohsin Rizvi got 1631 votes.
GB 12 Sugar:
Raja Azam Khan of GB-12 Shigar PTI was successful, he got 9322 votes while Imran Nadeem of PPP got 7663 votes.
GB 13 Store 1:
PTI candidate Khalid Khurshid Khan from GB-13 Astor-1 won with 4836 votes while PML-N’s Rana Farman Ali got 3528 votes.
GB 14 Store 2:
PTI candidate Shamsul Haq Lone from GB-14 Astor-2 won with 5354 votes while PPP’s Dr Muzaffar Ali got 3479 votes.
GB 15 Diamer 1:
Independent candidate Haji Shah Baig from GB-15 Diamer-1 won with 3000 votes while independent candidate Muhammad Dilpazir got 2600 votes.
GB 16 Diamer 2:
Engineer Muhammad Anwar, a candidate of GB-16 Diamer-2 Sen League, was successful. He got 5300 votes while Atiqullah of PTI got 4700 votes.
GB 17 Diamer 3:
Haider Khan, the PTI candidate from GB-17 Diamer-3, won with 5389 votes while Rahmat Khaliq of JUI-F got 5162 votes.
GB 18 Diamer 4:
Gulbar Khan of PTI won from GB-18 Diamer-4. He got 6793 votes while independent candidate Malik Kifayatullah got 5986 votes.
GB 19 Ghzr 1:
Independent candidate Nawaz Khan Naji from GB-19 Ghazir-1 won with 6208 votes while Syed Jalal Shah of PPP got 4967 votes.
GB20 Ghzr 2:
PTI candidate Nazeer Ahmad from GB-20 Ghazir-2 won with 5582 votes while PML-Q’s Khan Akbar Khan got 3815 votes.
GB 21 Ghzr 3:
Ghulam Muhammad, the PML-N candidate from GB-21, won with 4334 votes while Mohammad Ayub Shah of PPP got 3430 votes.
GB 22 Structure 1:
Mushtaq Hussain, an independent candidate from GB-22, won with 6051 votes while Ibrahim Sanai of PTI came second with 4945 votes.
GB 23 Balls 2:
Haji Abdul Hameed, an independent candidate from GB-23, won with 3666 votes while Amna Ansari of PTI came second with 3296 votes.
GB 24 Structure 3:
Muhammad Ismail won from GB-24 Ghanche 3 with 6206 votes while Shamsuddin of PTI came second with 5361 votes.
On the other hand, the workers of political parties took to the streets after the victory in the Gilgit elections. As soon as the unconfirmed results were announced, the PTI workers celebrated the victory. Firing also continued. On the other hand, Jailas did not lag behind in celebrating. In Gilgit city, they also celebrated the victory of their candidates. Fireworks were also fired in the air. Slogans kept echoing in the streets late at night.

It may be recalled that despite the severe cold weather and snowfall in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Elections, a large number of voters took part in the voting process and exercised their franchise. The voting process started at 8 in the morning and continued till 5 in the evening without any break. According to the election rules and regulations, the people present in the polling stations were also allowed to cast their votes till 5 in the evening. According to the census, there are more than 700,000 registered voters in Gilgit-Baltistan, of which 1.5 million have become voters for the first time.

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