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This is the country of the blind

Muhammad mohsin

There are two things going on as usual. General Musharraf has been charged in a treason case and Musharraf’s mother is very ill, his age is 99 years old, such a long illness is also a disease, it is Allah’s grace to grant someone a long life. And tells someone younger –

Our dear elders say that death comes on the go, or else death becomes a nuisance. Life is difficult for people in Pakistan too, it is very painful to be out at 99. We pray that Musharraf’s mother fulfills her message.

Now people are doing apples for Musharraf’s mother, mothers are brave, as far as the crime is concerned, there are some political people in Pakistan who should be charged but these cases are made against them. Goes In our country there is no shortage of resources, so why is load shedding inflation killing and terrorism terrorism? I think it is unconstitutional to be ruled ineligible at the moment. It is treacherous to twist the constitution, who will prosecute a traitor here. In cases of corruption, ten-year prisoners arrive in the House directly, they remain prisoners in the Presidency, they make some noise that the difference between the prisoner and the prisoner goes away, then our politicians think of becoming a leader. To become a prisoner. They fake a lot of work other than fake degree, the prisoner of Kot Lakhpat Jail has said very well that nowadays Pakistan has a prisoner government. So the whole court seemed to be gossiping, the gamers were prostrate –

I pray for Musharraf and his mother that the government should allow Musharraf to meet his half-mother. Musharraf’s mother is ill. If he cannot reach Pakistan then Musharraf should be let go. He did not have any patient in Arabia. For Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf will always have headaches. This pain can become a heart.

Musharraf’s guilt is beyond comprehension that he spent 44 years of his military service. This is treason. Take two wars for the sake of survival and security in the country, including blood and life. Is he a traitor? The enemy generals also praised the bravery they spent day and night with the men in the mountains of Gul. Is it treacherous, has been a military warlord for 9 years. Is it treacherous? Is it a treachery to the people? Is it treacherous? Musharraf returned to the country after the return of the national treasure. He is the biggest traitor to the country. What kind of justice is it and what is the law that a patriotic soldier has been made a traitor? Coincidentally, this betrayal of loyalty to the country is a traitor, who is the one who sells the country’s secret enemies who surrender to the enemy and empties the national treasury. Musharraf, who sucked the blood of the country, is treacherous, Pervez Musharraf has given the country nothing has Musharraf in his time the national treasury From $ 3 million to $ 17 billion, and for the first time in the country’s history, the debt was reduced from 40 billion to 37 billion. During his tenure, Musharraf promoted every sector of the country.

Musharraf consolidated defense during his tenure as al-Khaled tank JF-17 Thunder aircraft command and control, which steered the defense sector on the path of development, Balochistan was given eight years of development, not given Gwadar port in the last 60 years. Construction and completion of such is also an important achievement of Musharraf. After completion of the highways, the province was merged with Sindh and Punjab to remove the Miran Dam Subbakzai Dam and irrigated over 71,000 acres of Balochistan and established 9 universities in Balochistan. Is it treacherous, a traitor is the one who hinders social economic development, Musharraf said N the path of sustained growth is treason,
This is the country of the blind
O moon, do not get out of here,

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