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The use of aluminum foil is poor

In most homes aluminum foil is used for cooking or packing in the refrigerator. Instead of making some lunch boxes, some people pack sandwiches or aluminum into aluminum foil and bring them to the school when the food is served. Neurotoxicity development disorder, including the use of diseases such as liver, kidney and bone diseases, is thought to be effective. According to the Federal Bureau of Forensic Assessment Germany ‘BFR’, a study was conducted that looked at how much aluminum was used in homes and how much aluminum was consumed during the day. Investigation revealed that aluminum was being transported to these people through diet, cosmetic and toothpaste. And the amount was so high that it slowed down the functioning of other body parts, including their mental performance, these individuals were stronger in strength than those who did not use aluminum alumina files. Forbidding the use of the goods, it is recommended that it be discontinued while other life necessities containing allo- minium should be used sparingly.

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