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The story of a poor barber

In one village there was a poor barber who used to put a chair under a tree and shave people
She was having a hard time. He had no home to live in, no wife, no children. He owned only a sheet and a pillow. When it was night, he would spread a sheet outside a closed school, put on a pillow, and sleep.
One morning the village was flooded.
When he opened his eyes, there was noise everywhere.
He got up and climbed on the bunny tank with the school. He laid the sheet on the wall and lay down to watch the people. The people were running away with their valuables. Some are running away with cash, some with jewelery, some with goats and some with some valuables.
Meanwhile, a man was running away with gold jewelery, money and clothes. When the man passed by the barber and saw him lying down, he spoke angrily
Hey, everything is gone.
Our souls are here and we are drinking peacefully here
He said to listen
Lala, today I am suffering from poverty
I laughed when I heard this story but then an idea came up that maybe the scene of the Day of Judgment will be something like this.
When all human beings will be held accountable.
On the one hand, the poor will be accounted for.
The bread and cloth of two times is the rights of Allah and the rights of worshipers
On the one hand, the rich will be accounted for
Plazas Shops Factories Cars Bungalows Gold & Jewelery Employees Money Halal Haram Luxury Zakat Haqooq Allah Haqooq Al-Ibad
Giving an account of so many things, they will be drenched in sweat and trembling with fear.
Then maybe the poor will be looking at these rich people like this barber.
A strange calm on the face and maybe a heart
They will be saying in their heart
Today is the day of poverty
May Allah Almighty help us to be thankful for every blessing and to use and distribute according to the pleasure of Allah. Amen.

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