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The same intention, the same blessing

A vegetable seller who bought eggplant from a vegetable market at Rs 50 per kg and sold it at Rs 120 per kg was saying that sugar is on fire
Then I heard a butcher selling big meat at Rs 350 per kg saying that everything has become expensive. Mix 20 kg of water and powder in 40 kg of pure milk
The seller was also complaining that it was not enough

The rickshaw driver who stays up all day waiting for his turn and makes noises is the one who blackmails late at night and takes money at his behest.

A doctor working in a government hospital only calls the patient to his private clinic to make money and
The school teacher gives low marks to the child only because he does not take private tuition from him
The laborer washes his clothes half an hour before 4 pm. The mechanic pays Rs.

A merchant who mixes pebbles in lentils and rice
Only those who earn 8,000 haraam by saying that the compressor of the fridge is bad when the fuse is bad
Humiliate the pilgrims of Umrah and Hajj on visas and tickets, even to those who collect money when they complain that the blessings are not the same as before.
Merchant surviving in 1500 hundred clothes 2000 thousand
A trader who makes illicit profits on every commodity instead of the official rate
Even an employee who receives a salary of one lakh should say that inflation is no longer met in the budget.
So for a moment, my heart wants me to openly explain all these deeds over a loudspeaker and say that this is the reason why there is a saying in the world that whatever intention you give, you will receive.

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