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The risk of coronavirus, 324 passengers returning home from China?

324 passengers arrived in India by special flight from China, travelers have been kept in the camp for kronavirus for 7 days.

Indian media reports that hundreds of passengers have arrived in Delhi by special flight from the Chinese city of Wuhan. Passengers are kept in a special camp set up after undergoing screening stages at the airport, during which time they are not allowed to meet their dear friend.

The measures were taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in India, with 211 students and 110 laborers arriving in Delhi. While there were some children in the plane. All the men are kept in special camps.

The death toll from the Corona virus exceeds 250 in China

A panel of doctors also accompanied the passengers on a special flight from China to India.

It is believed that 259 people lost their lives while suffering from coronavirus in China, while 12,000 people were affected; system life is paralyzed in different cities of China, holidays and people are restricted to homes in 14 provinces while loss of billions of dollars to China’s economy. Is facing

Fear has spread around the world over the Coronavirus, cases have been reported in 23 countries so far, the US and Italy have imposed health emergency after the Corona virus and also suspended flight operations with China while the Corona virus in Sweden. The Caucasus has come to the fore.

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