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The real battle between Pakistan and Israel after Arab-Israeli relations

The real competition between Pakistan and Israel has now begun
For the first time, you are requested to share so that it reaches every Pakistani
Now that diplomatic relations have been established between the UAE and Israel, thousands of Israeli Jews are flocking to Dubai every day. According to the Washington Post, 50,000 Jews traveled to the UAE in two weeks. Despite Corona, Jewish groups are returning to the UAE in defiance of travel restrictions.

officials israeli expect 70,000 Jews to visit the UAE during the Jewish religious holiday of Eid al-Adha. Large numbers of Jews roaming Dubai’s bazaars do not go unnoticed by Islamists. This is also being expressed openly on social media. Do you think that all of them are tourists and are enjoying tourism at risk despite the danger of Corona? No, not at all. It is a delusion to think so.

Hundreds of Jews have been detained at Dubai airport in recent days on suspicion of being Mossad operatives. However, he was released on high-level official contact.

Now Israel’s first plan is to play against Pakistan with Dubai as its center. It is as if Dubai has now become the center of the Cold War between Mossad and ISI. Mossad has been using raw-minded people since the beginning. His first attempt will be to use the emotional Pakistani youth who hate Israel as his weapon. Mossad specializes in this art anyway.
Such young men will be used in attacks on Israelis in Dubai. Providing them with weapons is not a difficult task for Mossad. It is the left hand game of the Mossad operatives to brainwash Muslims and even ulema in the form of relations with them. After setting foot in Dubai, the Israeli Mossad will first play its nefarious game against Pakistanis living in Arabia, then Mossad will start pushing the development, peace, prosperity and light of a model country like Dubai into darkness.

The history of the Jews bears witness to the fact that not only did they acquire Islamic knowledge for their nefarious purposes, but Musa ibn Ma’mun also memorized the Qur’an along with Islamic knowledge and for a long time led Taraweeh and general prayers. He also became a physician.
Mossad will still have many Musa bin Maimun who can do this.

If, God willing, they succeed in this plan and an emotional Pakistani attacks the Jews in the UAE with the intention of jihad, what will be the result? Will sit Therefore, Pakistanis living in the Gulf countries, especially in the UAE and Bahrain, must be extremely vigilant so that they do not become a toy of the enemy out of emotion and cause their country serious problems.
The Israeli conspiracy against Pakistan has never succeeded and will never succeed

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