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The protection of Jerusalem

Muhammad mohsin

Jerusalem, which was the first Qibla of Muslims. On the last charges, Noor Hazrat Muhammad prayed for all the prophets on the night of the mirage. Then they went to the door of Allah at Miraj. Several Crusades have been fought to gain control of Jerusalem. After Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi conquered Jerusalem in the last Crusade.

Thus the Crusades would come to an end. After 9/11, the United States invoked Judaism to settle in Palestine. Arab rebel fighters provided aid to Israel. Judaism had already laid eyes on Palestine.

President Trump announces Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, fulfilling Israel’s heinous ambitions and inciting the entire world to Islam. Some European countries, including Alam Islam, have also strongly condemned Trump’s decision. The Trump government is the pro-Israel government.

Trump’s policies will be detrimental to the United States itself. Trump’s recent announcement to move the US embassy to Jerusalem is a violation of international and UN Security Council contracts. The US-led move will severely affect regional peace and stability, with all efforts to establish peace in the Middle East will be curtailed.

Israel has begun a violent attack on Palestinians, not hearing the US declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The brutality of Israel’s innocent Palestinians is not hidden from anyone.

I saw a video on social media in which an innocent Palestinian kid with an Israeli policeman, who is about six or six years old, is strangled by a small Palestinian. After the minor Palestinian lives were lost. This is the extreme of oppression. Baby women are not brave enough to kill the old and the weak. For a long time, Israel has been aggressively attacking Palestinians.

All Arab countries have become silent spectators. Islam has declared all Muslims as one body. Ordered to maintain unity in its ranks. The truth is taught to lie before falsehood. But today the Muslim sects are dividing themselves into divisions and carving out their own ruin. Which the Jews are benefiting greatly from. As a result, Iraqi Libya is burning in the flames of the Middle East, including Palestine and Syria.

The World Peace Contractor has risked regional peace and stability by the United States itself.
And the region has kept spreading chaos itself. The United States contractor for world peace wants regional peace to be ruined. And US troops were justified in staying in the region. Former US President Barack Obama called Trump the current Hitler.

The American public is against Trump’s policies. Former US presidents also refrained from making Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Trump should refrain from making Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Donald Trump is not a human being but a profound character in human form. Instead of fulfilling the promises he made to his people before power, he is now fulfilling promises made to his colleagues. Israel occupied the eastern part of Palestine in the war in 1967. And to this day, Palestine is in control. And there are other Arab countries that want to take over.

It was a conspiracy of Judaism to subvert Muslims and weaken them by fighting civil wars in Islamic countries. Then they should be attacked and captured. Jews should be resettled by genocide of Muslims. Today, the largest part of the earth is Palestinian Syria, Iraq, Libya, Rongyang and Kashmir.

Palestine and Kashmir have also been seeking solutions for decades. For this, Muslims will have to be united by awakening to the dream. Especially for the protection of the Temple. The Security Council has not done anything yet. Then the role of global institutions will become a question mark. At the same time, raise all voices for the protection of your Qibla first by uniting all Muslims with their differences.

The question is whether or not the Islamic ally of 34 countries under Saudi-led coalition can prevent NATO-led talks from becoming Israel’s capital. The coalition of 34 Islamic countries has made NATO only against terrorism. If Jerusalem is not built to protect Muslims and Muslims, then what is the purpose of establishing Islamic NATO?
Are the Palestinians solely responsible for the safety of Jerusalem? Not from the Arab countries. The Muslims of the Islamic world, including Arab countries, are responsible for protecting Jerusalem.

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