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The number of Corona virus patients in Pakistan has reached 1305

Islamabad: Corona virus has reached 1305 in Pakistan while 9 people have been killed due to corona virus across the country.
According to the spokesman, 440 people have been infected with Corona virus in Sindh whereas the number of Corona virus patients in Punjab is 422 and Balochistan has 131 Corona virus patients.

Spokeswoman Kamizid said that 27 people were affected by Corona virus in Islamabad while Corona virus has increased to 180 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan has 103 Corona virus patients and 2 in Coronation virus in Azad Kashmir. Done. 23 coronary virus patients recover

On the other hand, China has announced the sending of medical experts to Pakistan to deal with Corona. According to Chinese embassy preparing to supply medical supplies to Pakistan, China will assist Pakistan in setting up a temporary hospital for isolation. Seven hundred and fifty hotels have been booked.

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