The nation are destroyed when the big men go to london and catch the little thief

Addressing Prime Minister Imran Khan at the function in Leh, he said that our effort is to make Pakistan a welfare state.

He said that for the first time in the history of Pakistan a sense program is being launched through which 80,000 people will be given free loans and 50,000 scholarships will be given to the youth every year.

We are building shelters across the country and so far 180 shelters have been established Khan said.
Going to the courts will give money to the poor people so that they can advocate while trying to establish a curriculum for the best education in public schools, it will take time to fix the education system that has been broken in 70 years, Are bringing in systems to ensure teacher attendance.

Talking about police reforms, the Prime Minister said, “I have told the IG to arrest those who are big robbers. If the police catch the big thieves, the small ones will recover themselves.”

The Prime Minister said that the nations are destroyed when the big men move to London and the small thieves are caught.

He said that Pakistan was a debt-ridden country. Every year, loans were to be repaid. If we did not repay the loans for previous governments, the country would have been defaulted.

He said that Pakistan has gone through a difficult time, the current account deficit has been reduced, the rupee and the stock market have come up, the people will get more good news in the coming days.

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