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The implementation of the Islamic presidential system has become necessary

The United States currently tops the list of rapist countries. According to the National Violence Report, one out of every six women and one out of every 33 men in the United States is a victim of sexual abuse, accounting for 16 percent of all cases reported. South Africa is called the capital of rape in the world.
In 2012 alone, there were more than 65,000 incidents of sexual violence. According to the Medical Research Council, South Africa has the highest average child abuse in the world. Take Paradise and the world’s most luxurious Sweden, where every fourth woman or girl is raped. In 2009 alone, 15,700 women were sexually assaulted, up eight percent from 2008.
The incidence of sexual violence in Sweden has increased by 58% in the last ten years.
You can talk about India, the so-called secular state where a woman is sexually assaulted every 22 minutes and sometimes at the hands of her siblings or relatives.
According to the National Crime Report Bureau, 24,923 women were raped in 2012 alone, of which 24,470 were targeted by their own relatives or neighbors. Remember that India is the only country in the world where the number of men is more than women because every day hundreds of girls are killed during pregnancy or immediately after birth. Britain and Germany are deeply concerned about sexual abuse because, according to the UK’s own Ministry of Justice, 85,000 women were raped in 2013. Every fifth woman in the UK has lost her dignity. How much respect do women have in this society?
For that, read You on Ridley’s book In the Hands of the Taliban. In France, according to only 10% of the complaints, 75,000 women were sexually abused in one year because we are also victims of the mental and practical enslavement of all these nations. So last year we recorded more than 700 incidents in Pakistan. Have gone
The question is, why all this despite being given more freedom of sexual desire than animals? You Nach Punjab Nach Mani’s infamous Sheila’s youth character Loose and do good things I will do very much now Talk dirty with you.
Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you.
First you make innocent girls Qandil Baloch then kill her then mourn her and then make her mother nation by making dramas. Show runaways.
Make the youth of the country lustful and sensual by making the clothes narrower and smaller. After that, stay on Rs 4 99 paise and run advertisements all night long. Stunning and well-mannered advertisements in which the boy’s ear is marked by talking on the phone and then make the marriage easier by making the girlfriend easier.
A friend of mine went to Turkey and came and told me that SIM Pakistani in Turkey is worth Rs. 4,000. Get rid of the shame and humiliation of Fahad Mustafa. Put Waqar Zaka on the head of those who make women and girls do every shameless thing. Take Islam, religion and Qur’an out of your media showbiz and even educational institutions and throw it out and then wait. Let some beautiful Basri and Imam Bukhari be born. We live in the paradise of fools. We live in the land of lunatics.
Lay the foundation of liberalism in an Islamic country under the guise of rape and sexual violence against children and try to implement sex education and understand that such incidents will be prevented. There are countries whose eyes are blinded by the existence of Pakistan. Remember, unless you have the punishment of adultery, stoning and 100 lashes, you will not make marriage easy and adultery difficult, you will not make halal comfortable and haraam difficult. Events will continue. Blessed is the system of the Qur’an. There is honor in the Shari’ah. Even if you put cameras in every square and intersection, it will not stop. We have to admit that we have no choice but to implement the Islamic presidential system
By issuing a label agenda, it is intended to remove the corpse of honor and shame from within this nation. Now it is up to the nation to decide whether the blessings of the Qur’an are needed or another Zainab
And yes Zainab Marwah don’t bother us these are just two names and I don’t know how many buds have been eaten
We are a dead nation, a people of unscrupulous and helpless society. May Allah guide us all. Amen

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