The Corona virus is treatable

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Politics are also happening in the era in which we are living. The country is also running rampant corruption. The country is also moving.

surgical mask

After the cases of Corona virus have spread across the world, including China, now the Karuna virus has started in Pakistan. Two common citizens of Pakistan who have recently visited Iran have been diagnosed with the Karuna virus all over the country. Has read and has blacked out surgical masks across the country.
These are masks that are disappearing from the general stores of medical stores across the country and are being sold at expensive prices in black. There are also smugglers abroad.
These surgical masks are not a virus-preventing solution, meaning you are breathing the same climate and are being ejected from the air, then these surgical masks are of no use.


Mask N 95

The original masks are N95 masks
Inside the N95 mask, a small cap is made over the nose that filters the air, experts say, and the mask does not expel the virus, and these masks are probably not in Pakistan.
And the surgical masks inside the country were blackened by bullying. Bullying refers to the PML-N in Punjab and the people of the PPP in Sindh and those in government who have left their parties and entered the government. And the profiteering big shopkeepers involved were all sitting on the sidelines of the opportunity to get the Corona virus, so we took full advantage and took advantage of it.

The important thing

The important thing

Most importantly, surgical masks are for people who have symptoms of the Corona virus. Those affected should be able to voluntarily distance themselves from other people and then use this mask to help other people with the virus. To be safe the rest of the good people don’t need to wear surgical masks.
If you work in health or in a hospital, then you must use a mask or else.

just relax

The public remained calm

People should be absolutely relaxed and relaxed and take special care of cleaning themselves and the environment around them. Every twenty minutes, after half an hour, soap is washed clean. The blessings of Allah are blessed.

Symptoms of Corona

Symptoms of Corona

Symptoms of Crohn’s virus are the most common flu fever headache viral infection Body breakdown You are feeling fever Your body is breaking down. In viral fever, if you touch the forehead or check with a thermometer, there is no fever but you feel that there is a fever. Sore throat difficulty breathing.
Fourteen days later the virus is detected and may show no symptoms. This is the most dangerous thing and you are carrying the virus along.

But it is not necessary for a patient with all such symptoms to be infected with the virus. So be careful of travelers coming from affected countries and if anyone has a dear relative, get them checked up and taken care of.

Hand shake

Corona virus spread

Healthy individuals should be very careful to shake hands and throat with the person affected by the virus, as the virus enters the human body through hands and breaths. And religion is Sunnah in shaking hands with Islam


Avoid unnecessary travel.

Avoid Traveling Outdoors to Public Destinations Whenever you go to the bazaar, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and refrain from hotel foods.
And eat well-cooked meat and vegetable eggs and other foods in the home.

corona treatable

The Corona virus is treatable

In the case of the Corona virus, the patient’s immune system is activated by medication so that the immune system can fight the virus and the patient will recover.
Experts say that by the end of the year, the vaccine will be eradicated from the Corona virus. And there are 90% of the best treatments available right away from General Medicine.
However, those whose immune system is weak. These viruses can make them more prone to infection. But the mortality rate from this virus is very low, but the spread has been very rapid.
According to recent studies, the death rate for the Corona virus is only two to three percent. However, other infectious diseases, such as bird flu 40%, are much less than 35% of the virus and 35% of the Ebola virus.

The World Health Organization has not yet declared such an outbreak. But some experts say the faster the virus has spread to different countries around the world. The WHO fears it could be a pandemic.

At the federal level, the relevant authorities were already struggling to cope with the virus, but no clear strategy was ever seen by the Sindh government. Except for rhetorical rhetoric in Sindh, the rule of the Peoples Party has been going on for forty years.
After being diagnosed with Corona in a man in Karachi, he has always been lacking the best strategy in Sindh after telling the story.

The beginning of Corona in chaina

The beginning of Corona

China-originated Corona virus has infected countries around the world, including the United States, France, Korea, Japan, India, and Italy. Saudi Arabia has closed its flights to Umrah pilgrims from all over the world. And not a single case has been reported in Saudi Arabia so far.

duty of the people
duty of the people

The duty of the people

It is the duty of the public to show respect for the people. Be careful, especially in the hospital staff. Throat infection is not negligence at all. You should get your checkup from the physician immediately or contact the Government will give you the number.
And now the weather is changing. In these situations, people cooperate with each other and it is only by cooperating that people get through these disasters.
Do not put all the debris on Sara, who is a citizen of Karachi. Twenty-two have arrived in Iran from Iran. They also had a vomiting and fever on the ship, and why the authorities at the airport did not stop them at that time. has been. Now going to this investigation, why not do this investigation first.

pak iran border

Border closed
One member of the Corona virus has died in Iran, while four more are in critical condition, including the Minister of Health and the Vice President.
Iran had long hidden it in fear of global sanctions

Pakistan should close the Iran and Afghanistan border completely indefinitely.

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