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The 43rd anniversary of the famous poet, comedian Ibn Ansha.

Lahore: 43 years have passed since the death of Ibn Ansha, a prominent Urdu poet and comedian. His poetry still captivates readers and listeners.
Ibn Insha was born on June 15, 1927 in a village on the outskirts of Jalandhar. Ibn Insha’s real name was Sher Muhammad Khan and Insha was his nickname. Acquired. He did BA from Punjab University in 1946 and MA from Karachi University in 1953. Ibn Insha’ar was a comedian as well as a columnist. He used to write light humorous columns in other newspapers including Imrooz and Akhbar Jahan.
He was appointed Director of the National Book Council in 1962. He was also the Vice Chairman of the Tokyo Book Development Program and a member of the Central Board of Directors of the Asian Cooperation Program Tokyo. Ibn Ansha also served in Radio Pakistan and the Ministry of Culture.

He wrote a number of ghazals, but his most popular was the ghazal recorded for a PTV program, “Inshaa ji, get up, now coach, what to do in this city”. His collections of words include “Chand Nazar”, “In this alley of this town” and “Dil Wahshi” including “If you walk, go to China”, “Diary of a wanderer”, “The last book of Urdu”, “The world is round” “,” The Pursuit of Ibn Battuta “and” The Gambling of Wheat. “

This shining star of Urdu literature passed away on January 11, 1978 at the age of 50. Ibn Insha’s last travelogue “Nagri Nagri Pharmasafar” was published many years after his death.

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