Supreme Court Shaikh Rasheed in two week i called for a railway business plan

The Supreme Court ordered the approval of ML One on a priority basis

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has ordered the approval of ML One on priority basis and asked Sheikh Rasheed Railway Business Plan, saying that if the plan is not followed then there will be contempt of court action.

According to the details of the railway deficit case was heard in the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed; Minister of Railways Sheikh Rasheed appeared in the court. During the hearing, the chief justice inquired why tender for ML One has not been released so far. Not listening to the railway will listen to Tox.

Sheikh Rasheed said ML One tender should be directed to the Ministry of Planning, ML One is a 1800-kilometer railway track, there will be revolution in railway, ML One has submitted PC One, Ministry of Railways has just tendered Have to issue

The court said that the Sindh government should cooperate with the Karachi Circle for the elimination of the encroachments and the MLN should be approved on a priority basis.

Lawyer Railway said that the Railway Minister is present in the court on the order of the court, on which the Chief Justice said that the Minister should tell what is the progress. All your raw material is in front of us. I think the railway should be closed. We do not need such a train as it is being run.

Chief Justice inquired about 70 people burnt out what action was taken, to which Sheikh Rasheed said that 19 people were taken to action in connection with the blaze. The Chief Justice said that gate keepers and drives were removed.

Sheikh Rasheed said that action will also be taken against the elders, on which Chief Justice Pakistan said that you are the greatest, why should not you be taken account of the death of 70 people, you should resign after the train burn. Should have given

The court said that no more time will be given for the restoration of the circular railway track, which will be the responsibility of the rehabilitation of the displaced persons from the circular railway.

The Supreme Court asked Sheikh Rashid to submit a comprehensive railway business plan in 2 weeks.

The Supreme Court issued notices to the Ministry of Planning and summoned the next hearing pro-planning and planning commission officials and adjourned the hearing till February 12.

Earlier, while talking to the media outside the Supreme Court, he had said that the audit report of the government was in the past. I will present my petition before the court.

In a railway deficit case yesterday, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar expressed his disappointment over the facts contained in the audit report, saying that there was no corruption, nothing wrong with the railway.

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The Chief Justice said that the economy is falling and building, the Audit Report has made it clear that the railway system is not working.

Later in the ARY program Eleventh Hour, Sheikh Rasheed said that there is no corruption in our railway, it will be in the first phase, tomorrow I will go to the Supreme Court.

Federal Minister said that Railway is not being ruled by politics, it is not falling, tomorrow the Supreme Court will provide clarification on Railway, Railways did not import one rupee. Where did corruption happen, Railway’s 40 billion deficit of 32 billion. Have brought in Rs and will end the railway deficit in 5 years.

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