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Such drinks which weight demote and healthy made

Little or big thirst is all for everyone and everyone uses water. Sometimes we use cold drinks to heat up or change the taste of jaggery so that we can be relieved and bad on health. Not even the effect.

The problem arises when drinking beverages or soft drinks can increase our calories which is detrimental to our health.

Not to worry, we bring you alternative drinks that will also cool and bring relief.

1: Low fat yogurt

Lucy is a favorite of everyone and is included in a common beverage. You must drink it. Just use yogurt with low fat, no grease will rise or calories and rest will remain in place.

2: green tea

In addition to drinking hot tea or green tea, you can cool and use lemons as well.

3: Lemon water

Lemon water is the most commonly used beverage that also gives you chills and is fun. This is helpful in reducing your calories easily.

4: Carrot syrup

Carrot meal is very good for health and because it is naturally sweet, you can reduce your calories by making it syrup without sugar.

5: beet syrup

Not only does beetroot purify your complexion and mood, but its alcohol also helps you reduce calories and cholesterol.

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