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Successful experience of making cake with bee fat instead of cow’s milk

Brussels: Belgian research experts have tested the success of bees and insect fat making butter.

According to an international media report, kızılay escort the butter produced by Belgian experts used the fat of bees and other insects instead of cow’s milk.

Experts say that butter is not shared with others, but may be used as a substitute in the future.

Belgian experts say they wanted to see what eryaman escort features are found in the smallest organisms found on the planet, and how insect body fat can be used.

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According to the experts, they prepared and tasted butter by experimenting with the fat of thousands of bees and insects during the experiment, which did not taste bad.

Medical experts cited the reason for the experiment, saying: “Air pollution is affecting both vegetation and water, usually cow food is both a substance and a substantial amount of methane gas is present in both.”

According to experts, they caught the larvae of the flies and obtained its grease and prepared the butter, after which the cakes were also prepared.

Experts say that three quarters of the butter was prepared in the preparation of the cake, while a quarter of butter made from bees and other insects.

Experts also fed the cake to participants in the experiment, some of whom did not like the taste.

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According to the report of the news agency, Belgium is a country in Europe where the waffles are famous worldwide, but now butter will be used to make them environmentally friendly, with the help of cakes and biscuits. ۔

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