Showbiz personalities also came out against the coronavirus

LAHORE: Anti-Corona virus prevention and outbreaks have also come out in the field to inform the public.

Message from the public to implement government directives to prevent corona virus in the country where the government is taking security measures and lockdown in Sindh, Gilgit-Baltistan and partial lockdown in other provinces. Are giving.

Actress Amina Sheikh has released a video on her Instagram account in which she and several prominent celebrities of Pakistan are seen messaging people to protect themselves from Corona and stay home. On the subject of the message on Instagram, Amina Sheikh wrote that this is a public service message, please take these steps to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus CoD-19 and unite in your global effort to advance these initiatives. Contribute We are in this together, and we are responsible for our collective future. Our lives are really in each other’s hands. Please spread this important message.

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