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Russia has announced a public vaccination campaign after vaccinating thousands of troops with the home-made corona vaccine.

According to Russian media, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that a massive vaccination campaign against coronavirus would be launched in Russia and all its regions next weekend.

He said the campaign had already begun in the capital, Moscow, and that thousands of soldiers had been vaccinated so far.

At the behest of President Vladimir Putin, regional authorities in Russia and all of its regions have been asked to complete arrangements for a free corona vaccine campaign.

The vaccination campaign is being carried out at a time when the situation of corona in Russia is deteriorating. In the last 24 hours, about 30,000 corona cases have been reported and more than 500 deaths have been reported.

Health workers administering the corona vaccine are at high risk, so the government has decided to vaccinate medical personnel, security forces and social workers first.

Russia has announced the launch of its second Corona virus vaccine, the Corona app in December. Following the completion of the third phase of Sputnik V clinical trials, another Russian corona vaccine, Epic Week Corona, will be available to the public next month.

It is hoped that this massive vaccination will begin in the new year 2021.

According to media reports, the new vaccine (EpiVacCorona) has been developed by the Siberian-based Vector Center. The agency is now fully prepared to present the results of the vaccine test.

The head of the Department of Zoonotic Infections and Influenza said the vaccine would be available in almost all regions of Russia in 2021.

It is to be noted that the trials of the third phase of the Epic Week Corona vaccine has started on November 17. Batch batches of the vaccine formula for the trials have been delivered to 9 medical centers across the country where it has been tested on 30,000 volunteers. Is happening

According to reports, people over the age of 60 are also taking part in the third phase of clinical trials, which number one and a half hundred.

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