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QUETTA: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s meeting with the family of Machh tragedy fulfilled all promises.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the families of the martyrs of the Machh tragedy. The affected families thanked the Prime Minister for coming to Balochistan and providing assistance.

The families of the martyrs said that the Machh tragedy was not the first incident but there had been hundreds of incidents before it.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that for a whole year we tried to protect you people and we will write to you who will fulfill their promises.
I came to the Hazara community in the past and now I have come again.

I understand all the problems of the Hazara community. In the past, when I mentioned the name of a banned organization, they threatened me. The intelligence agencies had informed me that India wants chaos in Pakistan. There could be sectarian riots in Pakistan, he said.

I was briefed that Shia and Sunni scholars will be targeted. A Sunni cleric was martyred in Karachi after which the security agencies did their best to thwart this conspiracy. The purpose of this conspiracy was to fight Shia Sunni. Doing so will always thwart such a conspiracy.

The Prime Minister said that 30-40 people are committing terrorism. These people used to be Lashkar-e-Jhangvi but now they have gone to ISIS. We know those who are trying to spread unrest.

The Prime Minister said that we assure the Hazara community that you will be provided security. We are forming a security group which will look after the security of the Hazara community.

Explaining his point, Imran Khan said that when he was not the Prime Minister, he came to meet the Hazara community. Thankfully, the martyrs were buried.

The Prime Minister assured that I was also in touch with the security agencies and forces and had a keen eye on the situation. I assure the Hazara community that we stand with you. I am trying to unite the Muslims in the world because we know who is ruling the world by dividing the Muslims. The goals are also being achieved by dividing the Pakistani nation. My only goal is to unite my nation. If they are united, there will be no problems and they will be able to cope with such incidents.

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