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Promises trade with Pakistan to reach $ 5 billion by 2023: Tayyab Ardwa

ISLAMABAD: Turkish President Tayyip Erdo ۔an says 30 agreements have been signed with Pakistan, an agreement to increase the volume of trade to $ 5 billion by 2023.
According to details, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding was held between Pakistan and Turkey in various fields, which was attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turkish President Tayyab Erdoاسan. On this occasion between Pakistan Television and Turkish Television TRT. Agreement was signed, Pakistan Radio and Turkish Radio signed an agreement, Pakistan and Turkey also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Culture and Tourism.
In addition, joint declarations on food, trade, postal services, railways, military training, IT and Pak-Turk Economic Framework were signed between the two countries.
After the joint news conference by Imran Khan and Tayyab Erdoانan, Imran Khan said that the speech of Erdoانan’s parliament was greatly appreciated by the Pakistani people, Pak-Turkish agreements would benefit both countries, Pakistan and Turkey in trade relations. New era is coming, Pakistan and Turkey stand alike on international issues, Turkey stands with us if there is a problem. More than 80 million Kashmiris were detained by Indian forces, Kashmiri youth and leaders are jailed. Has been put in place, according to UN resolutions the issue should be resolved in Kashmir, the occupied valley Sections have no option, including the Internet.

He said that Pakistan supports Turkey’s stance on the issue of terrorism, the Turkish film industry has developed a lot, they want to resign from the Turkish film industry against Islamophobia.
On the other hand, the Turkish President said that the Pakistani people and the government are grateful for the warm welcome, thank my brother Imran Khan and other rulers, consider Pakistan their second home, happy to visit Pakistan after 3 years. Turkey is with Pakistan and will stand, Pakistan is our brother, they will stand together in every difficulty.

He said that we have signed 30 agreements with Pakistan, agreement to increase the volume of trade to $ 5 billion by 2023; Strategic Cooperation Council is very important in Pak-Turkish cooperation, talks on high level strategic issues between the two countries. However, the situation in occupied Kashmir is concerned.

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