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PM announces tax fix on construction sector

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a package for the construction sector, according to which the tax on the construction sector has been fixed.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the package for the construction sector and said that opening of the construction sector could drive the wheels of the economy while construction has been given industry status and construction works will start from April 14, to sell the house. Capital Gains will not be taxed, investors will not be asked for income from construction sector this year; Investment tax will be reduced by 90% on investment in New Pakistan scheme N Industry Development Board will become.

He further said that KP and Punjab would bring sales tax to 2% in the construction sector, along with the provinces they are also reducing sales tax, withholding exempted for all construction industry except steel and cement. Taxes are being fixed on the construction sector, in the construction, if there is a tax of Rs 100, you will waive Rs 90.
In response to a question, the Prime Minister said that in Pakistan Corona is hungry on the one hand, Goods Transport has also been kept open, 300 units of users have been given 3 months relief, no electricity connection will be cut. Yes, 10 million people have been SMSed for the CoronerLife Fund, we will try to raise this fund, we are also getting a policy for renters living, 80% of workers in Pakistan are not registered.

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