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Pervez Musharraf’s sentence dismissed

Mohammad Mohsen

Just two weeks before his retirement, Justice Khosa challenged Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa’s three-year extension for six months and forced the government to legislate on the Army Chief’s extension.
On his second day serving four years in defense of the country for 40 years of service to the country, the former star general of Musharraf, who was convicted as a serious traitor in the constitutional violation case, was sentenced to death and the two army chiefs were ex-justice Khosa. The judicial benches will be formed under the leadership.
Obviously, all the judges who work in the Supreme Court, under the apex court’s order, act as judges and make their own decisions.

Justice Khosa challenged General Qamar Bajwa’s extension to calm the opposition on the go, and the opposition expressed happiness over the Supreme Court’s decision.
Do you remember that Yousuf Raza Gilani, under the presidency of former President Zardari, also extended the term of former Army Chief General Kayani, after which President Zardari signed the extension of General Kayani, this decision was not challenged by the then judiciary. And if any of the political religious parties had any objections then why would they protest?

And now the same opposition has supported the Army Act Amendment Bill. The Army Act Amendment Bill has been approved by the Senate after a majority vote was passed by Parliament. And the opposition to the new legislation is avoiding cooperation with the government.
Because of the new legislation, the government’s allies are now departing from the government if their demands are not met. After the MQM, other allies are also separating themselves from the government unity if their demands are not fulfilled. At the same time being angry with all the coalition parties and having it all at the same time is either black or whole black. Is. More comments on this will be done later in detail.

The Prime Minister had taken the extension of General Qamar Bajwa not for his own benefit, but for the deteriorating situation of Kashmir and the borders. Well, the heads of our armed forces go from one to the other. General Qamar Bajwa has extensive experience in defense of New Clare and Borders. Under these circumstances, the country needs such a tough soldier.

Now, the passage of the Army Act Amendment Bill, the extension of General Bajwa seems to have been resolved but it is feared that it will not be re-challenged in the judiciary after the signing of the Army Act President as the government has amended the Act not in the constitution. For that, the government should have first amended the constitution. Constitutional amendments require a large majority.

It would have been better if the government and the opposition had agreed together to resolve the issue, if the Army had amended the constitution for the extension of the chief, the matter would have been resolved on a permanent basis.
However, let’s see if the issue goes ahead or gets resolved.

The man who guarded the country for forty years, from Second Lieutenant to Army Chief, who hoisted the flag of victory over the front of Kargil. The one who would conquer Kargil back to India was Nawaz Sharif. He ended the rule. He fought four wars from 65 71 and from the bases of Kargil and Siachen to every frontier of Kashmir. The person who made the media independent in his presidency. He also countered the enemy on the media front and Pakistan fought on every front. It strengthened Pakistan’s economy during its tenure and filled the national treasury which laid the foundation for a great project like Gwadar. Yee, who, with China’s support, made Pak Airspace self-sufficient in JF Thunder 17 aircraft. In his tenure, Pakistan had pervaded economic and political stability at all levels. The judges sentenced Musharraf to death by declaring his death as a traitor in a constitutional breach by arbitrary and unlawful use of arbitrary powers because of prejudice and prejudice. And Para 66’s decision is against both Pakistan and Islam.

How has the news been published in the newspapers that a former Army Chief of Pakistan has been given a worldwide impression on the Supreme Court’s death sentence in a constitutional breach case? Four Star General Army Chief Sentenced to Death for Violation of Constitution And Malik Thief, one of the country’s biggest crooks, is releasing the Pakistani judiciary to those who attacked the judiciary in the 90s.
On the judicial verdict against Musharraf, people across the country staged rallies in favor of Pervez Musharraf and expressed their solidarity. Because the court that sentenced Musharraf was wrong, and it would have been formed without the approval of the federal government. And the Musharraf was not given the right to defend himself. On this controversial court decision, the Lahore High Court has made a very positive decision by announcing the death sentence of former President General Pervez Musharraf in a serious treason case. And after a detailed decision from the Lahore High Court in a few weeks, Musharraf’s sentence will be completely abolished.

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