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Parliament is lodged in the lodges

Muhammad mohsin

Parliament Lodges bring millions of liquor marijuana and marijuana to girls, it was revealed by Independent Member National Assembly Jamshed Dasti, and Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq demanded that all MPs get a medical test. What is the work of a male Mujahid, it is an irrevocable fact, it cannot be denied that Parliament Lodges are a luxury base, Parliament Lodges fetch around 4 to 5 million wines a month. , Wine kebabs and Shabbat concerts are decorated; the smell of cannabis is spreading throughout the lodges, Jamshed Dasti told The filmmaker presented Ayaz Sadiq, the Speaker of the film, to which the Speaker Assembly demanded further evidence from the manual and said that if all this was true, action would be taken against the members of the Assembly, and if all of these were false, Jamshed Dasti The House of Representatives protested against Jamshed Dasti.

It is a shame that these members of the public are pouring their assemblies like water on luxury liquor and hashish, in most parts of the country, people are dying of terrorist poverty, hunger, and Sindh festival is being celebrated. Yes, students were warned not to sit in exams for not attending the national flag hoisting ceremony in Lahore,

Jamshed Dasti has made a strong attack on Parliament while being a Member of Parliament. Is Dasti a brave man? What is happening in parliament today is already happening long ago, Dasti is a member of parliament for a long time. Many people have the bad habit of becoming a member of parliament like ordinary criminals. I’ll join All children keep playing, when a child is not allowed to play, he spoils the whole game. Finish the game, digesting money
What is happening in the Parliament Lodges will continue to happen, the news will keep coming, the media is working,
It will remain the same and thousands of animals
All your own bids will fly away,

What Jamshed Dasti has said cannot be said about the typical restaurant bungalows in a department office hotel. Alcohol is not where Shabbat Joshi is but where it is not, this work can not be stopped in any city. Alcohol and Shabbat are becoming very common now. Bungalow office hotels are celebrating wine shabbat everywhere. Dasti Sahib has done this job well, and what is it to gain fame, people are asking what is cheap, but now fame has become really cheap, and Jamshed Dasti bought it on the basis of money. Is,

Members of Parliament are protesting against this revelation of Jamshed Dasti. PML-N Minister Abid Sher Ali has called Dasti a speaker of Parliament, so now women members of parliament are going to protest that we are being defamed, Jamshed Dasti. Calling ‘Veena Malik’ is equivalent to abusing us, he has pledged allegiance to Maulana Tariq Jameel and left his makeup. While the women members have not left the make-up yet, Abid Sher Ali withdrew his words. The women assembly also expressed displeasure at Jamshed Dasti saying that Dasti had made false accusations.

Due to the low rent, safe and high-rise residential areas of Islamabad, many ministers also live here. When there was no assembly, the officers and journalists also lived here. The business shines brightly, Speaker Ayaz Sadiq explains how alcohol and shabbat are harnessed by harsh security; this creature is a profit-loss and honor dishonesty,


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